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Little Tikes Just Like The Pros Basketball Set

Dreaming of A Child In The NBA? Early Train Him With Little Tikes Just Like The Pros Basketball Set

People, regardless of age, sex and economic stature, have become basketball fanatics. Parents dream of seeing their children playing in the hard court in the years to come. Love for basketball can be developed in a child – do it soon! For this purpose, it is best to early train your child with Little Tikes just like the pros basketball set. There are many basketball sets in the market because toy manufacturers know the parents’ need for this kind of toy. But then, the brand as a tested non-hazardous producer, matters in the choice. So if you are looking for a basketball training toy for your kid, buy a Little Tikes just like the pros basketball set.

Why are parents so keen on inculcating basketball to their children?

First, basketball is a high rewarding game. It is good exercise for a child – a beneficial physical activity. Playing basketball can enhance the child’s motor development, strengthen the muscles and improve coordination. It is helpful in boosting a child’s self confidence. As it is a group game, playing with his father and siblings bring out quality family bonding time. It is also good in building up social and cooperative play. Basketball is a never-ending exercise – from early toddler to adult stage.

Why choose the Little Tikes just like the pros basketball set?

This game set is manufactured by a very reliable company – Little Tikes. The company always aims for customer satisfaction thus giving the parents the opportunity to choose the appropriate toys for the growing children. Every product of Little Tikes is child-friendly and free of any hazardous elements and materials. Founded in 1970, became a part of MGM Enterprise in 2006, this Hudson, Ohio, USA based multi-national manufacturer produces a wide selection of toddler and children toys. All products are associated with the play and learn principle of child development. And the Little Tikes just like the pros basketball set conforms to the vision of the company. This is a basketball set for your budding pro equipped with the quality, safety and durability associated with the manufacturer.

Product Description

The Little Tikes just like the pros basketball set is good for indoor or outdoor play. It is made of very child-friendly and sturdy materials. Its height can be regulated as it adjusts to 5 different heights (4 to 6 feet).  It has a wide base that should be weighted with enough sand (not included in the package) to ensure stability of the unit. It comes with a clear blackboard – that is why it is categorized as a basketball set like what the pros use. There is a breakaway rim attached to the blackboard. With the package goes an inflated junior size basketball.

The basketball set is usable by children 2 years old and above (up to 10 years old). It can be assembled for use and disassembled for easy and compact storage. It has a dimension of 29.25 inches length x 35.5 inches width and 91 inches height. It weighs 19.5 pounds (lbs).

Price, Availability and Shipping

Little Tikes just like the pros basketball set is available for purchase on-line or on site toy stores. Price is pegged at $ 59.99. If shipping is requested, this commodity is classified as small parcel so it can be shipped via FedEx, DHL or USPS, with applicable shipping charges.

Your child is sure to enjoy playing with this Little Tikes just like the pros basketball set. More reason to buy this is the durability and safety that goes with Little Tikes brand. Aside from this game set, the company offers more toys for the growing children, all of which are guaranteed child-friendly.