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Little Tikes Double Easel

Bring Out Your Child’s Artistic Tendency – Early Train With The Little Tikes Double Easel

Inherent creativity of a child can manifest at an early stage, especially if the attribute runs in the family. It is incumbent upon the parents to realize this and explore the possibilities of bringing out the artistic prowess of the kid. Playing with art materials can be instrumental in developing this and Little Tikes Double Easel toy can be the medium. Children’s educational toys are manufactured by Little Tikes, a trustworthy toy-producing company, and one of the best in cultivating talents among children is the Little Tikes Double Easel.

When your child reaches the age of two years old, he/she begins to explore color, hold writing materials and mimic parents and siblings. This is the best time to introduce the child to writing, sketching and drawing. Crude they maybe, the learning process can go on smoothly especially if they are made to construe the act as playing. For this playing purpose, Little Tikes has introduced a very effective educational medium – the Little Tikes Double Easel.

The Little Tikes double easel is a stand-up frame with approximate 28 inches length, 24 inches width and 43 inches height dimension. The product is composed of two sided easel, placed back to back. On one side is a chalkboard and on the other side is a large plastic clamp or clip that holds paper pad. On each side is a large removable built-in tray for paints, crayons, markers and other writing/coloring supplies. Included in the package are chalk and eraser and 50 sheets of art paper.

As this is double-sided, one or two kids can use it at a time. Recommended for children aged 2 years to 6 years, the Little Tikes Double Easel is made of sturdy well chosen plastic material that is child-friendly, devoid of materials that are considered hazardous to the child’s health. They come in different colors. The trays and frame are easy to clean-up. The whole plaything can be folded for portability or storage.

The Little Tikes Double Easel is manufactured by a trustworthy toy company that has endured market competition for the past 40 years. In choosing a toy for a growing child, the toy manufacturer needs to be examined as materials used are crucial to the health of the child. Little Tikes is very selective in the production of toys.

The Little Tikes double easel can be purchased either on-line or off-line. Priced at $59.99 , it  can be shipped to your given address. It weighs 21 pounds.

The durable easel encourages the child to learn and practice writing, coloring, painting and drawing.The motor development of the child can be strengthened with the finger movements.The plaything enables the child to have early discovery and exploration of colors. Early introduction to colors will equip the child with basic knowledge when he/she enters formal school.It introduces children to the concept of cooperative play and social development as they play with each other and compare works with the easel.
Early exposure of children to colors and art can be influential in the development of their artistic inclinations.  Playing with Little Tikes double easel can introduce or enhance their writing, drawing, sketching abilities and would prepare them for entry into school.