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Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing

Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing For The Growing Toddler in the Family

How old is your little bundle of joy? Little Tikes, the toy magnate, has created a very innovative toy for your child aged 9 months to 3 years. This is the Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing. This company has been in this toy business for four decades and its designers and engineers have never stopped introducing toys that are not only playthings but educational materials as well. And toys for different ages are manufactured, including the ever dependable Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing.

When you buy any consumer product, it is imperative that you know the reliability of the manufacturer. Today, many children’s toys are being recalled in the market for hazards to children’s health. And you would not want this, isn’t it. Thus, you have to buy toys that are safe for the children. Little Tikes is one manufacturing company that you can trust your children with. The 40 years of experience in the toy industry makes it a leading brand in a variety of toys – infant toys, toddler toys, ride-on toys, outdoor and indoor toys like slides, sandboxes, activity gyms and climbers and even children’s furniture. Based in Hudson, Ohio, Little Tikes manufacture and distribute the toys all over the world, with the advocacy to extend to as many children.

For children who are just on the verge of learning to sit-up, Little Tikes has conceived of the high back toddler swing.

This swing has the following features:

  1. The high back seat design is aimed to support a toddler rider to sit comfortably, even if the toddler is still in the learning to sit stage.
  2. The belts are adjustable so that it fits around the body of the child.
  3. The belt is easy to fasten and buckle-up.
  4. The swing has a wide seat to give ample movement to the child. This will give comfort to the rider thus enjoyment of the ride is guaranteed.
  5. The leg opening allows entry and exit without lowering the t-bar. This feature prevents the child’s legs to be caught in the seat opening.
  6. The swing is made of high quality, durable and safe plastic, making up for a good structural condition. Prolonged exposure to sun, rain or snow would not adversely affect the swing’s durability.
  7. The swing comes in different colors.
  8. The swing can be used by a child for 3 years because it is designed for children 9 months to 3 years old. Isn’t this already value for your money?
  9. Included in the package is a heavy duty and weather resistant rope for the tying of the swing.
  10.  The swing is portable – can be placed in the porch, veranda, garden or back yard. It can easily be attached to an already existing swing set.

The Little Tikes high Back Toddler Swing can be purchased on-line or off-line. It is carried in any prestigious global toy store. The dimension of the swing is 20.5 inches length x 15,8 inches width x 13.8 inches height. It weighs 4.8 pounds.

If you have a child approaching the age of 9 months old, why don’t you buy this Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing? You will get your money’s value since you can use it for 3 years. Or because of the durability, the next toddler in the family can make use of this.