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Little Tikes Slide

Little Tikes Slide Transforms Your Backyard Into A Park

Little Tikes is a well known manufacturer of children’s toys – play things that stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. The little tikes slide are among the many outdoor or playground toys introduced in the market by the company. With the Little Tikes slide, you bring the park into your own garden.

Little Tikes has been in the toy business since 1970 and this Hudson, Ohio, USA based company has been famous for different outdoor play toys, riding toys, baby toys, learning toys and even kid’s furniture, including toddlers’ beds. These toys are educational in nature – appealing to the child’s social, intellectual and emotional faculties. With the slide, the child begins strengthening his muscles, starts to grow and commences to know the meaning of fun.  The slide is instrumental in developing a sense of balance and coordination for the child. Sense of security and challenge are concepts introduced to the child. Playing with peers, the child can learn to socialize.

With your child’s safety as the forefront in any Little Tikes toy, all products are guaranteed to be safe, durable and high quality. All Little Tikes slides are made from carefully chosen durable plastic material. The high grade material are eco-friendly and easy to clean. Expected to last a lifetime, the Little Tikes slide can be used by future generation in the family as long as it is properly stored. They are primarily designed for outdoor use but the slides can endure any weather condition.

Child’s safety is ensured so the steps and base are wide to prevent the child from falling. The edges and corners are rounded and the sides are smooth. Every slide is equipped with high side walls and has handles that provide sure grip for the child.

They are easy to assemble and likewise easy to dismantle for storage purposes. There are models that are foldable thus making the slide very portable. They can be left in the yard – rain or shine. Or – they can be stored in the garage or store room.

 As an outdoor toy, the slide brings the atmosphere of a park in your garden or back yard. Parents can have a selection from the different sizes of slides fitted for children with ages ranging from 18 months to 6 years old. The slides are designed to fit the particular age range. The toddlers can have the ones with wide base and steps while the bigger tots can explore the giant slide.

Little Tikes slide can be set even indoor – so long as the space permits. There are many models to choose from – depending on the size of your back yard, your budget and the child’s age. There are the simple and basic designs which may cost less. There are more complicated designs which of course may have higher price quotation. They also come in different natural colors to blend with the aura of your garden or back yard.

Little Tikes slide is not only a plaything. It is a learning material that helps develop the personality of a growing child. They can be availed on-line and delivered in a few days time.